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ABRAFATI. Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association


About Us:

Pillars of action

ABRAFATI develops its initiatives focused on four major areas of results, which are interconnected, have reciprocal influence on each other, and are directed to the pursuit of the sustainable development of the sector which is the Association’s main objective.
The four areas are:

  1. Quality

    One of the highlights in this area is the Decorative Coatings Program for Sector’s Quality, which focus on regulating the market, stimulating the improvement of products and recognizing the importance of quality in coatings. In addition, ABRAFATI coordinates the Brazilian Committee of Coatings (CB-164), in the Brazilian Technical Standards Association.

    The concern with quality involves all processes related to the development of raw materials, the formulation of coatings, production and application; improvements in which, training initiatives such as the Professional Painter Program, courses, seminars and the Coatings Congress play a key role.

  2. Sustainability

    Under the leadership of ABRAFATI, the coatings chain seeks above all, to meet the demands of sustainability. A key initiative in this direction is the Coatings Care program of responsible performance in coatings. At the same time, the industry invests to offer products with minimized environmental impact and devotes strong attention to proper management of waste and post-consumer packaging, including awareness programs. Added to this is the stimulation of the production and dissemination of knowledge to make the coatings chain more sustainable with actions such as the Coatings Congress and the ABRAFATI Award.

  3. Competitiveness

    The development of actions and programs is aimed at improving the competitiveness of the sector in various aspects: alignment of the market for professional training, through the encouragement of technological development, the creation of a favorable business environment and the promotion of cost reduction measures. Events such as the Coatings Industry Suppliers Exhibition and the ABRAFATI Forum, as well as the various programs coordinated by the Association, bring an important contribution to make the coatings chain increasingly competitive.

  4. Representativeness

    The aim is to strengthen ABRAFATI as representative of the entire production coatings chain, leading the process of sustainable development of the sector. The work in this area includes numerous activities, many of which are conducted in conjunction with other trade associations. Increasing recognition has allowed the interaction with different levels of government, resulting in invitations to participate in relevant initiatives. At the international level, ABRAFATI is now an increasingly respected voice for its work and active participation in discussions related to the sector’s key issues.