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ABRAFATI. Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association



ABRAFATI 2017 – October 3 – 4 – 5 – São Paulo / Brazil

Solutions for the future demands of the coatings supply chain will be introduced and discussed at ABRAFATI 2017. The innovations to be displayed at the International Exhibition of Coatings Industry Suppliers and the studies to be presented at the International Coatings Congress will be primarily focused on sustainability, which currently drives the industry’s technological research and development efforts.

By being held simultaneously, the Congress and Exhibition will create great conditions for professionals of the industry to interact and discuss new possibilities. As a result, in the course of the three-day event, they will be able to understand where the coatings industry is heading, and at the same time the trade show will provide a variety of opportunities to make business more dynamic.

The anticipation of excellent results is based mainly upon the highly qualified audience of the event, which will be formed by company owners, executives and prestigious technicians, most of them with decision-making power.

ABRAFATI 2017 will be held in a new venue, São Paulo Expo, the largest and most modern convention and exhibition center in Latin America.

International Coatings Congress

Bringing together many well-known experts from all over the world, the Congress will show the current state of the art in research activities carried out by the industry and universities, and the results already achieved and those expected for the near future.
Over a hundred technical papers will be presented orally and in poster format at both the Congress and the ABRAFATI-RadTech South America Seminar on Radiation Curing. The program will be marked by a set of high-end studies with an innovative profile seeking to respond to the current and future demands of consumers, society and the marketplace.

Taking up more and more room on the industry’s agenda, sustainability is going to be one of the cornerstones of the trade show, reflecting in the solutions that will be introduced in connection with production processes and coatings performance, including rational uses of raw materials, water and energy savings, minimizing waste generation, using more sustainable raw materials from renewable sources, and reducing VOC emissions. The various ways of either improving the properties of coatings or adding new functionalities thereto will be in the spotlight, too, as well as innovations concerning applications of nano-technology.

Adding value to the program, four plenary sessions led by professionals recognized nationally and internationally for their outstanding knowledge and experience are going to provide important overviews of some of the key themes in the coatings supply chain.

Accordingly, the Congress will be an excellent occasion for gaining a comprehensive view of what are the most innovative and sustainable things around in terms of raw materials, formulation, application of technologies, performance enhancement, and functionalities. It will contribute to professionals with more in-depth knowledge and an overview of future trends.

International Exhibition of Coatings Industry Suppliers

The practical applications of innovations being introduced by researchers will be available at the Exhibition, in the form of launches that contribute to pushing the industry forward. Leading suppliers based in the Americas, Europe and Asia will be present, reaffirming their confidence in the coatings industry’s potential in Brazil and in all of Latin America. Investing billions of dollars each year in research and development, those companies view the Exhibition as a great showcase and an opportunity to close deals. For this reason, they will be there demonstrating the most innovative of their developments and solutions, paving the way for evolution in the coatings industry.

The trade show will be attended by highly-qualified professionals who come to get acquainted with new developments and trends, while seeking resources and new ideas to improve their products and processes. Being held simultaneously with the International Coatings Congress further adds to the quality of its attendance, thereby creating great conditions for professionals of the industry to interact and discuss new possibilities.

Reasons to Be an Exhibitor

ABRAFATI 2017 is the most acknowledged coatings event in Latin America. It is a professional exhibition, offering business contacts and business opportunities:

· Reach a huge target market all at once.
· Raise awareness of your products or services and improve company recognition.
· Test and launch new products with instant feedback.
· Meet your clients face-to-face in a unique environment.
· Connect with many new customers at the same time.
· Build partnership and new alliances.

For further information, please contact CORPORATE EVENTS – ABRAFATI:

Rita Maria Dias
Phone: (55 11) 4083 0505

Brazilian Coatings Manufactures Association – ABRAFATI
Av. Dr. Cardoso de Mello, 1340, cj. 131
04548-004 – São Paulo – Brazil


· 90 technical conferences in six auditoriums
· 4 plenary sessions with personalities of great prominence
· 12 conferences at the ABRAFATI-RadTech South America Seminar
· 41 papers at the Poster Session
· 60-percent international lecturers
· 827 congress attendees

· 242 exhibitors from all over the world
· Thousands of new products and innovative solutions on display
· Total area: 24,000 sq. m
· 12,666 visitors from Brazil and from 41 other countries
· 25 commercial lectures