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ABRAFATI. Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association


Other programs:

Sectorial Quality Program

The Sectorial Quality Program – Decorative Coatings, under the coordination of ABRAFATI, integrates the Brazilian Program for Quality and Productivity of Habitat (PBQP-H), of the Ministry of Cities, aimed at improving the quality and, updating products in the civil construction sector.

Since its implementation, in 2002, this initiative changed the landscape of coatings in the country, contributing to the improvement of products and market legislation.

Over the past few years, technical standards have been implemented that serve as clear and concrete valuation parameters, contributing to the growing recognition of the importance of quality by the government, society, businesses and professionals connected to the production, retail, specifications and application of coatings. One of the results is that, today, approximately 90% of the volume of decorative coatings sold in Brazil comply with the minimum quality requirements.

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