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ABRAFATI. Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association


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A key theme for the coatings industry

Occupying the top position on the coatings industry’s agenda, sustainability is a strategic theme for ABRAFATI.

As directed by the Management Board’s Sustainability Committee, important actions and programs are carried out for compliance with sustainable industry development guidelines, such as Coatings Care and initiatives designed to meet the requirements of the National Policy for Solid Waste.

The goals go far beyond the environmental aspect. ABRAFATI believes the principle that should govern the industry’s activities is that of creating shared value. In other words, it is about creating economic value in such a way as to generate value for society as well. The success of the coatings supply chain is thus linked with social progress.

Examples of the benefits provided to businesses and the entire industry by efforts aimed at sustainability include:


• Strengthened imaged and reputation;

• Improved relationship with key publics;

• Employee engagement;

• Risk reduction;

• Cost reduction;

• Increased productivity;

• Creation of new business opportunities.

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